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The Illes Balears Film Commission is a public and free service office run by the Department of Culture of the Balearic Islands Government. Its main objectives are to promote and facilitate film shoots throughout the Balearic Islands and stimulate the growth and consolidation of the Balearic Islands film industry and associated services. The IBFC promotes Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera as the ideal locations for all kind of audiovisual projects.

The IBFC also seeks to promote the internationalization of the Balearic Islands audiovisual companies, facilitating the presence of Balearic Islands producers and companies in markets and festivals, supporting its distribution and promoting co-production.

The Illes Balears Film Commission is a member of the Spain Film Commission, the European Film Commission Network and AFCI.

What do we offer?

Film Commission:

  • We advise producers and professionals to shoot in the Balearic Islands, offering complete and rigorous information on permits, procedures, locations and professionals. We intermediate between the production company and the administrations that manage the spaces: municipalities, coasts demarcations, ports, protected natural areas, etc. If necessary, we write letters of support for audiovisual projects that benefit and promote culture and values of our territory.
  • We facilitate the locator manager’s job, offering advice on their search and informing of the shooting conditions for each space. We have a useful and extensive locations database on our website. For special needs, please contact us at or at +34 971 17 60 41
  • We offer international productions our extensive directory of professionals and companies working in the audiovisual sector in the Balearic Islands.
  • We collaborate with administrations, institutions and film offices to simplify and speed up permits, adapting them to the needs of the audiovisual sector.

International promotion:

  • We promote the internationalization of the audiovisual companies of the Balearic Islands. We facilitate the presence of Balearic films, documentaries and short films in co-production forums, markets and festivals through the ILLENC grant lines.
  • We coordinate the development of promotional material and calls for forums, markets and festivals with the collaboration of FAPAE, ICEX, ICAA and other institutions.
  • We support audiovisual production through the ILLENC grant lines.
  • We collaborate and coordinate together with the Balearic Islands film festivals.
  • We offer customized advice to producers and professionals.
  • We organize monthly training sessions aimed at professionals and companies, focused on topics agreed with the industry associations and adjusted to their needs.

We kindly ask producers we have assessed and to include our name and logo in their credits, communications and promotional material.

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