Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is the Balearic Islands Film Commission (IBFC)?

The IBFC is a public and free service office run by the Department of Culture of the Balearic Islands Government, that facilitates film shoots throughout the Balearic Islands and promotes the internationalization of the Balearic Islands audiovisual companies.

2) What services does the IBFC provide for producers?

The IBFC advises producers to prepare shootings in the Balearic Islands, offering complete and rigorous information on permits, managements, locations and professionals. It also promotes Balearic productions and audiovisual projects in co-production forums, markets and international film festivals.

3) Is the IBFC a for-profit entity?

No, the Balearic Islands Film Commission is a public office, and all of the services it offers are 100% free.

4) Where is the IBFC?

The offices of the Illes Balears Film Commission are on Carrer de la Protectora 10, Palma.

5) What has to be done to shoot in the Balearic Islands?

First of all you need to plan the locations and activities you will carry on, and then request the required permits. More info on "Permits and Procedures"

6) How can I contact professionals and audiovisual companies in the Balearic Islands?

The website of the IBFC has a directory of professionals and companies of the sector working in the Balearic Islands. For specific needs, please contact the IBFC team for advice, at info@icib.caib.es or on the telephone +34 971 17 60 41

7) How much does it cost the management of shooting permits through the IBFC?

The management of shooting permits through the IBFC is free. However, each institution and / or municipality establishes its own ordinances, rates and conditions to shoot. In case of difficulties, the IBFC can also coordinate requests for permits.

8) Can the IBFC act as location manager?

The IBFC can advise the locators to facilitate their job. On our website you will also find a useful and extensive location database . For specific needs, please contact us at info@icib.caib.es, or on the phone +34 971 17 60 41

9) Does the IBFC works as a job placement office?

No, it does not. Our professionals and companies directory showcases the audiovisual companies and professionals in the Balearic Islands.

10) How can I register in the directory?

Being part of the directory is totally free. You can sign up through this form.