The Balearic Islands’ Film Commission and the Balearic Islands’ Tourism Agency have signed a collaboration agreement to promote the islands as a filming location. One of the aspects of this agreement is the in-kind contribution of travel expenses as well as the organization of travel, accommodation and other complementary services.

Beneficiaries can be Balearic Islands’ producers or international producers in co-production with a local production company.

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The Institute of Language and Culture (ILLENC) is a public entity under the Regional Ministry of Transparency, Culture and Sports of the Government of the Balearic Islands. It encourages and promotes the cultural industries of the Balearic Islands. It provides three lines of support to the audiovisual industry:

1 - Internationalization
Funding to promote the internationalization of productions which are filmed in the Balearic Islands in order to promote their presence on the market and in festivals

2 - Audiovisual production
Funding to support audiovisual productions for local and international audiovisual producers who are associated with a producer from the Balearic Islands

3 - Festivals and fairs in the Balearic Islands
Funding for organizing film festivals and fairs in the Balearic Islands

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Foreign film and TV productions can access a 15% tax rebate on their eligible spend in Spain if they meet the following requirements:

- There must be a minimum eligible spend of 1M€

- The foreign production company must hire the services of a Spanish production company which will collect the rebate from the Spanish Tax Authorities

Eligible spend:

- Creative staff (director, screenwriter, composer, DoP, main actors, film editor, production designer, sound mixer, costume designer and key make-up artist) with tax residence in Spain or in another state of the European Union, capped at maximum 50,000€ per person

- Expenses derived from the use of technical industries and other service providers based in Spain:

  • Staff (other than the creative staff previously stated)
  • Extras and stunts
  • Set construction and props
  • Location rentals
  • Costumes, make-up and hair supplies
  • VFX + SFX materials
  • Camera + light, grip material
  • Post-production
  • Catering and hotels of staff directly related to the production
  • Transport within Spain
  • Civil liability insurance directly related to the production

The production can claim up to to 2,5 million euros in tax rebate, calculated as the 15% of the total eligible spend in Spain