Manual of good practices to carry out audiovisual activities in the Balearic Islands

The Illes Balears Film Commission promotes shootings and photoshoots respectful of the natural, social and professional environment of the islands. For this reason we have written this manual of good practices to shoot in Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza or Formentera:

  • It is obligatory to request filming permits and to pay the corresponding fees, if applicable. The conditions determined by the municipal, autonomous or state body competent for each specific case must be respected. You can find more information about permits in the section "Permits and Procedures" of our website.

  • The producer must have adequate prevention equipment and insurance for each type of shooting, covering the risks and possible damages to third parties, in order to comply with the safety measures contained in municipal regulations and general regulations. It is advisable to work with insurance companies specialized in the audiovisual industry.

  • Audiovisual companies are obliged to comply with the current legislation on the recruitment and hiring of personnel. The production must respect the salary tables in force and the length of the working day, according to the collective agreements and the Statute of the Worker. Here you can consult the salary tables in force according to the State Convention of the Industry of Audiovisual Production for Technicians (BOE 24/04/2017)

  • We strongly recommend applying environmental sustainability measures in all kind of shootings (Green Film Shooting) to respect and care for the natural environment: reduction of electricity consumption; reduction of waste; recycling of scenery and props; use of seasonal and local products in caterings; avoidance of plastic cups and plastic bottles; reduction of number of vehicles, etc.

  • In case there are neighbors and businesses that may be affected by the film or photo shooting, it is necessary to inform them in advance, as well as to produce the least possible noise. We recommend notifying the affected persons and/or companies of the spaces to be used, the name of the producer, name of the production, contact, type of production, type of activity and duration.

  • No filming or photographic sessions that go against the norms of social coexistence, that can hurt the sensitivity of pedestrians, that are harmful to the image of the city or its inhabitants, that attack the dignity of the people, contrary to the values and rights recognized by the Constitution or that violate the applicable municipal or general regulations.