Jaume Ripoll, director of Atlantida Film Fest


Jaume Ripoll (Palma de Mallorca, 1977) is co-founder and head of content and development of Filmin, the leading Spain digital platform of cinema and series. He is also the director of Atlantida Film Fest, the largest online film festival in the world. This year it celebrates its second physical edition in Palma.


How did your interest in the world of cinema begin?

Thanks to my father, producer, distributor, critic, owner of cinemas and videoclubs, absolute expert in classic cinema. He gave me the enthusiasm for cinema from a very young age. Then came the direction studies at ESCAC (UB), the years at Manga Films, the editorial direction of Cameo and finally the creation of Filmin, first, and Atlantida, in second place.


How do you come to the idea of ??Filmin? When and how is the project born, and for what purposes?

Filmin was born 10 years ago. It was a project developed by those who were the top three responsible for independent film distributor Cameo Media: Juan Carlos Tous (CEO), José Antonio de Luna (Business Director) and me, content and development director. We designed Filmin with the objective of constructing a space where the cinema and the independent series were visible and accessible. A film platform that would allow the discovery of the best classical and contemporary cinema, which will help new creators to find their audience and to serve the industry as a complement to other more conventional platforms.


How is Filmin different from the other VoD platforms?

In the content and its editorialization. 80% of the more than 10,000 titles in our catalog are exclusive. Only in Filmin can the viewer find such a wide range of author films, classic films, debuts, concerts, short films and documentaries. For our collections, channels, collaborations with film festivals or our own festivals, for all of this I think Filmin is the best possible complement to the great international platforms.


80% of the more than 10,000 titles in Filmin's catalog are exlusive


How is your day-to-day in Filmin? Do you combine it with other jobs?

Beyond any class or conference, my main work is Filmin and Atlantida. My day-to-day is a combination of rights negotiations, editorial management, technology meetings, business decisions, marketing and viewing.


How do you select the content?

We have agreements signed with more than 700 companies around the world. They are the only ones that offer us titles and we choose according to the editorial criteria of the company.


What is your user profile? Do you have data from the Balearic Islands?

Balears represents 3% of the consumption of Filmin, a figure that we hope to improve with Atlantida. Our users are cinema lovers of all ages.


How does the idea of ??the Atlantida Film Fest come about?

7 years ago we saw the need to create an on-line festival of unreleased cinema to give prestige to the Internet “window” and to help all those creators who did not have cinemas to premiere their work. Two years ago we believed that the Festival had to keep mutating, growing, looking for new connections between cinema and audience. From there, Atlantida was born in Palma, as a festival opened to all kinds of public (it's free), which goes beyond film screenings, and extends the offer with workshops, concerts and conferences around the issue that we are most concerned about: Europe.


What role should a film festival play nowadays?

Firstly, discovering cinema to an audience with a willingness to discover. Second, to be the engine of an industry, whatever its state of development. Third, a tool for developing new audiences. And also, in a world where everything goes so fast, a festival can be a good space to analyze trends and reflect on the changes that come.


A festival's role should be: to discover cinema, to be the engine of an industry, and a tool for developing new audiences


Why does Atlantida Film Fest decide to move to Mallorca?

There are different reasons: the fact that two of the three founders of Filmin we are Mallorcan; that Mallorca is an ideal space to make a festival (Mediterranean island, with an airport with many international flights and perfect spaces for screenings) and that some institutions supported the bet from the beginning, were the main reasons. And change has meant more work, more pressure and satisfaction that all effort has reward.


Mallorca is an ideal place for a film festival: a Mediterranean island, with an international airport and perfect spaces for screenings


How important are the training days and workshops with young people in the Festival?

We expect the Balearic industry to respond and fill every day, since the training days should be used to present new forms of creation (VR) and how they are being distributed in the world of cinema.


Which relation does Filmin and Atlantida have with the Balearic productions? Which Balearic productions are scheduled in this year's edition?

Last year the festival opened with "Bittersweet days" and also offered a sample of Balearic shorts. This year fortunately we have been able to program more titles, and I say fortunately since this means that production in the Balearic Islands grows. In Palma you can see "Gas the arabs", "En Acabar", "Life and death of an architect" as well as "La maldita primavera", which also has Balearic participation. In the online part of the Festival, in addition to all these titles, we will program "REM".


Film production in the Balearic Islands is growing. This year we have programmed "Gas the arabs", "En acabar", "Life and death of an architect" and "La maldita primavera"


What advice would you give Balearic filmmakers with regard to distribution?

I do not think the distribution has to be something that does the director but the producer. A director will be in charge of doing the best possible work so that the producer obtains a good national and international distribution. I would tell the producers what I suppose they already know: market knowledge, contacts, previous analysis, self-criticism, patience and seduction capacity.


What new projects do you have at the moment?

We have released FilminCAT, we have Filmin in Portugal and if we add Filmin Spain and Atlantida, I am well entertained.


Finally, what do you expect from a Film Commission?

I expect them to help to boost the audiovisual sector in the area, facilitating contacts, inviting international experts, helping to find sources of financing, managing locations and, above all, having in mind the creation of new audiences. The key to everything.


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