10 good reasons
to shoot in Balearic Islands


Just 2 hours away from any European capital, with excellent air connectivity, being Palma’s airport the 3rd busiest in Spain.


Diversity of locations: from cities with 500,000 million inhabitants to unspoiled rural areas.


All locations are nearby: from the sea to the mountains in just 10 minutes!


Fly from island to island in only 20 minutes.


More than 50 audiovisual production companies and more than 250 qualified audiovisual professionals with international experience.


Multiculturalism and multilingualism are part of our DNA: film here and feel at home.


More than 300 days of sunshine per year. 10 hours of sunlight per day in winter and up to 16 in summer.


Full range of infrastructures and facilities with more than 300,000 beds and 1,300 hotels.


More than 200 audiovisual projects (advertising, fiction, documentaries, cartoons and TV) are shot in the Balearic Islands every year.


The Illes Balears Film Commission works as your one-stop resource for shooting in the islands, speeding up and facilitating the logistics of your project.

"There’s a young and energetic film scene in the Balearic islands - motivated, dedicated and ready for the adventure. Combined with a rich variety of breathtaking film locations this is the perfect setting for a playing a vital role on the map of filmmaking in Europe."

Marion Döring
Director European Film Academy
Producer European Film Awards